Sensation and Perception Lab Part 1 (Online Version)

Please try the following activities. You may want to write down your result(s) and experiences after trying the activities. It can help you to complete the lab report questions at the end of the lab (online submission form is on this page). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Activity 1: Ames Room

Ames Room

1. Compare the two monsters from the picture (on the right side), which one appears larger? 

2. Place your index finger on each of the monster from the picture and mesure their size.  You can also try this online activity to find out their size. 

3. What factors account for the apparent perceived size difference of the two monsters? (This is a lab reprort question that you will have to answer after trying all the lab activities)  

Please feel free to watch this video to find out more:


    Activity 2: Muller-Lyer Illusion

    1. Please try the Muller-Lyer illusion: (It works on Chrome and FireFox.)

    2. Let's write down your result

    3. After, please imagine the arrows are gone and try it again. You can use sticky note to hide the arrows on the screen before trying again. 

    4. Comparing your results between the two conditions (with arrows VS without arrows). 

    5. Is there a difference between the two conditions? What could explain this difference? (This is a lab report question.)

    Activity 3: Mirror Tracing

    1. Please try the mirror tracing activity:

    2. You should choose a 5-pointed star and one extra shape. Each shape, you will trace each shape twice.
    First trial: tracing the shape directly like from a paper

    Second trial: like looking at the shape from a mirror while tracing it. (It is hard to explain but once you try it, you will understand the idea of tracing while looking at the mirror)  

    3. What is your result?  Is there any difference between the shapes? Was second trial way harder than the first trial? (lab report question)

    4. Please try to explain your result


    Activity 4: Influence of Smell on the Experience of Taste

    1. Please have half spoon of coffee ground ready.

    2. Hold your nose and put the coffee ground in your mouth. (First Condition)

    3. Please chew for 15 seconds

    4. write down your first thought after that is related to the taste of the coffee ground.

    5. Please drink a glass of water and wait for few minutes.

    6. Repeat steps above (#1-4) without holding your nose. (Second Condition)

    7. Describe the change, if any, in the qualitative experience of tasting the coffee ground. Please explain why these is a change between the two conditions. (lab report question)

    8. You can invite your family members to try this activity and compare the results. This can help you to answer the lab report question.   

    Here is the lab report questions. Please complete them and submit online. You just need to click the "submit" button at the end of this page. After you submit your lab report questions of Part 1,  the system will lead you to Part 2 of Sensation & Perception Lab: Auditory Illusion.      

    Activity 2: Muller-Lyer Illusion (
    Activity 3: Mirror Tracing (
    Activity 4: Influence of Smell on the Experience of Taste
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