First Year Committee

First Year Committee

In recognition of the unique needs of first year students, KPU established it's First Year Committee in 2016 and consists of numerous stakeholders throughout KPU to discuss and enhance programs and services for first year KPU students.

Philosophy Statement

"A student’s first year is a transitional time often characterized by curiosity, excitement, anticipation, and uncertainty. The KPU community commits to supporting every student in their first year by creating opportunities for them to explore the larger world and their own possibilities within it."

Guiding Principles

Belong: All students should feel they are respected and valued members of the KPU community.
Engage: By engaging in campus life, students gain skills and experiences that will help them grow.
Succeed: All students should feel confident they will be successful and supported in their learning.
Thrive: In addition to academic success, all students are supported to develop the skills to thrive.