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Faculty of Science

On tap at KPU: the science of brewing

KPU’s Faculty of Science is excited to announce the new Diploma in Brewing & Brewery Operations! Beginning in September 2014, the two-year program will be the first of its kind in British Columbia. Students will study the science, production and business of brewing in a brew laboratory to be built on the Langley campus. The curriculum, developed in consultation with the BC Craft Brewers Guild and brewmasters throughout the province, will involve learning brew science theory with hands-on experience in the field during a summer work placement. (Press Release)


Faculty of Arts

It was in the sociology classes at Kwantlen where as a student Kyle Mitchell was inspired and offered the tools to affect change towards social and environmental justice. And it's here, in the Sociology Department at KPU, where Kyle has returned as a sessional instructor focusing his academic and teaching interests in economic globalization and the ideas of human rights and the commons. Kyle is nearing completion of a PhD at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland where he was inspired by the practice of public sociology whereby sociologists relocate issues of public interest to the terrain where they belong -- the public(s). And so it is that on October 29th, 2013, a diverse array of students, faculty and staff at KPU, gathered with representatives from the City of Surrey, City of Vancouver, UBC, SFU, Royal Roads as well as community members, nongovernmental organizations and small businesses to talk everything Fair Trade. This one-day symposium on the Surrey Campus, organized by  Sociology faculty member Kyle Mitchell and hosted by CIR:CLE with the generous support of the KSA and the Faculty of Arts, was a rich knowledge exchange that engaged in the ABC’s of Fair Trade. A series of speakers discussed how this alternative economic model not only challenges the status quo in terms of unjust relationships associated with our commercial transactions but also how Fair Trade provides a viable alternative that pays specific attention to the working conditions of people producing the products that we consume on a daily basis.

Future activities and events, of interest to all KPU community members seeking to connect the idea of Fair Trade to the development of ethical and sustainable communities, will be announced in the lead up to the Second Annual Community Fair Trade Symposium in October 2014.