Indigenous Student Co-op Survey

Survey announcement text


The “Indigeneous Student Co-op" survey was created as part of a larger Career Development Centre (CDC) project entitled "A Seat at the Table: Expanding Co-op WIL Opportunities for Underrepresented Students and Programs" and will be distributed by KPU's Office of Planning and Accountability (OPA) in cooperation with Indigenous Services for Students and the CDC.

The purpose of this survey is to assist the Career Development Centre to better serve Indigenous students by identifying challenges to their participation in Co-operative Education and developing strategies that would allow Indigenous students to more fully engage and excel in KPU’s Co-op program.

**Knowledge about KPU’s Co-operative Education program is not required in order to participate in this survey.**

The survey's targeted population are those KPU students who self-identify as Indigenous.



All responses to the survey and all information collected, for the purposes of administering this survey, will remain strictly confidential and securely stored by the Office of Planning and Accountability (OPA) per S.22 of the Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act.

Any questions or concerns about the survey can be directed to the Office of Planning and Accountability at

Thank you for your interest and participation. We appreciate your invaluable feedback as we work cooperatively and collaboratively toward the diversification of KPU’s Co-op program.



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