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Study on your schedule

Study on your schedule!

Academic and Career Preparation offers multiple sections of online and partially online courses for busy students. If you work or parent part-time or full-time, our online courses may be for you.

Students in our courses find that an online course gives them the flexibility they need in their personal lives and university program schedules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never taken an online course, you probably have questions. Check out the answers below to some of your frequently asked questions.

What is an online course?

An online course is a course delivered entirely over the Internet using a password protected Learning Management System which is available to students 24/7 for the entire semester.

Here is a helpful video about online learning at KPU:

Is "remote" delivery the same as "online" delivery?

Yes! For all adult upgrading courses, ‘remote delivery’ is the same as online delivery of a course.

What is the difference between these terms - synchronous and asynchronous?

Synchronous means ‘at the same time’ and asynchronous means ‘not at the same time.’ Most of the work required for all online adult upgrading courses can be completed asynchronously which means you can study on your own time and schedule. 

I have a job and/or family responsibility. Do I need to be available at certain times or days?

Most of the course resources and activities can be accessed at any time, and you can complete course work on your own schedule. However, you do need to be aware of scheduled assignment deadlines and any online sessions scheduled for a set time by your instructor. Check your course outline for these details.

Will my instructor have online office hours?

Your instructor may schedule online office hours using the learning management system and will also be available to support you via KPU email.

Do I need a computer for an online course?

Yes! You need a desktop, laptop, or tablet for your online course. You cannot complete an online course with a smartphone. You also need a reliable internet connection for the full term.

If I don’t have a computer or internet at home, can KPU offer me support?

You should prepare to have access to a computer and internet for the entire semester. The KPU Library is still open for computer and internet access and as a study space; however, this situation may change as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Please visit the KPU Library COVID-19 Response and the Library Space, Computers and Equipment web pages for the latest information.

Does an online course give me the same credit as a normal classroom course?

Yes! The credit for an online course is exactly the same as it is for a classroom course.

Does an online course offer the same quality as a classroom course?

An online course has many advantages for students. Flexibility of course delivery is a key benefit because there is no requirement to travel to campus, and students can set their own study schedules. KPU has been delivering high quality online courses for many years where instructors not only have expertise in their subject areas but are also experienced and trained in online learning strategies.

All KPU online courses are compliant with B.C. privacy law.


For further information, visit KPU Online Learning.

For help with online course planning, book an appointment with an  Upgrading Advisor.