Cody Galbraith


I’ve worked as a Modeler and Surfacing artist since graduating from The Art institute of Vancouver in 2017. Originally trained in Fine Arts at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George. B.C. I moved to Vancouver in pursuit of my love of Film and Game. I’ve worked on various shows and Netflix Movies including Emmy Award Winning series “The Dragon Prince”, and other kids shows such as “Blaze and the Monster Machines”, “Barbie, Big City Big Dreams”, And Barbie: Mermaid Power”. I stive to constantly improve my skills and to help others achieve their dreams of working in this wonderful industry.

Courses taught

  • ENTA 1221: Introduction to Modelling in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 1222: Introduction to Texturing and Surfacing
  • ENTA 1303: Creature Sculpting in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 1321: Intermediate Modelling in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 1322: Introduction to Sculpting in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 2123: Advanced Texturing and Surfacing

Areas of Interest

I’m intrigued by the study of anatomy and how we can make believable creatures and characters by following certain rules to create a sense of believability. I’m excited to see students grasp these core concepts and apply them to their creative imaginations and add to the magic of our industry.