Accounting Student Toolkit

Toolkit Contents

Summer 2018 Tutoring Schedules:

Accounting Events

Accounting Group Study Sessions

Accounting 3320 Review Session - Join a guided study session and get prepared for your Accounting exam. Learn what to study and how to study. Practice key concepts with a peer tutor and other students.
Accounting 1110 Review Session: Get ready for your Accounting exam. Join a structured review session to learn what to study, and how to study.  Come with your questions!

How to Study Accounting: Using Your Textbook for Maximum Success

Learning Aids for Accounting Students

Use Your Accounting Textbook - Create a weekly plan for studying Accounting using your course materials. Develop Your English Vocabulary - Create a plan for learning and remembering important words.
Four Key Questions for Learning Success - Plan, monitor, and evaluate your study strategies to meet course objectives. Weekly Schedule - Schedule your week for efficiency.

Templates and Worksheets

This section provides templates and worksheets for common Accounting processes.  Print out these resources as a timesaving strategy when preparing practice problems. 

When using these tables, prepare to draw them as required for tests and exams.

T Accounts - Use this Excel spreadsheet to track balances in accounts. Journal Entry Template - Practice sheet for journal entries.
Cost of Good Sold Statement Format - Practice formatting the cost of goods sold in a periodic inventory income statement. Weighted Average Calculation Sheet - Worksheet for calculating the weighted average inventory in a periodic or perpetual system.
Bond Amortization Discount - Table for calculating the amortization of a bond sold at a discount.  Can also be used as a premium by changing the last column. Cost of Goods Manufactured - Practice formatting the cost of goods manufactured for managerial accounting.
Post Closing Account Adjustments - Used in ACCT 3310.  Use this to make post-closing adjustments to accounts. Debit-Credit Consolidation - Use this to perform debit-credit consolidations for Advanced Financial Accounting (Chapters 1-5).
How to Prepare a Statement of Cash Flows -  One page step-by-step guide to preparing cash flow statements. Solving a Consolidation Problem - Cost Method Template
Bank Reconciliation Template - Guide to reconciling bank statements with books  

Workshops for Accounting Students

How to Study Accounting: Using your Textbook for Maximum Success - How can you turn your textbook into a powerful study too? Learn how to use your course materials to design a weekly study plan that includes effective learning activities. Please bring your Course Presentation and textbook to this workshop.

Summer 2018:  Make an appointment with a Learning Strategist at to explore these workshop materials in a 1:1 or small group environment.


Prepare for Your Midterm Exam: Workshop and Guided Group Study Session - (Accounting 1110) - Get ready for your Accounting 1110 midterm. First, you will learn how to analyze your exam questions and how to prepare for success by identifying what successful students do to prepare for exams. Create an organized study plan to manage your time under pressure.  Then, come join our PASS leaders for a guided group session.  You will learn what to study and how to study for your midterm exam, as well as get the chance to clarify your understanding of key course concepts.

Book a Tutoring Appointment

Visit to book an appointment with one of our trained Accounting Peer Tutors.  Appointments are available in-person on the Surrey, Richmond, and Langley campuses.  Can't come to campus?  Online tutoring appointments are also available.  Log in with your student number and password and type Accounting in the search bar.

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