Sustainable Agriculture Student Research Projects: 2018

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Wireworm control in scallions: Attract-and-kill tactic using Metarhizium brunneum granules and rolled oats

Hazel Chan, 2018

  • Key result: Soil application of Metarhizium brunneum and rolled oats before transplanting boosted scallion yield and tended to reduce wireworm damage.

Effect of cut seed tubers and Metarhizium brunneum on wireworm damage in potato

Lindsay Dodds, 2018

  • Key result: M. brunneum reduced wireworm damage to potatoes grown from cut seed pieces, but not to those grown from whole seed pieces.

Effect of fine cement sand and zeolite amendment on rye (Secale cereal) biomass accumulation in two local soils

Piper Kenney, 2018

  • Key result: None of the experimental factors had a detectable effect on rye biomass production.

Evaluation of eleven summer cover crops for suitability to southwest British Columbia

Angeli dela Rosa, 2018

  • Key result: Mustards gave superior soil cover while sorghum sudangrass produced at least as much biomass as mustards. Legumes produced the least biomass among crops tested.

Season extension of ever-bearing strawberry in the Pacific Northwest

Alexander G. B. Stark, 2018

  • Key result: Spring flowering of ever-bearing strawberries was three weeks earlier when plants were grown under row covers and low tunnels.


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Organic Science Cluster III