Sustainable Agriculture Student Research Projects: 2019

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Effects of wood compost on soil health indicators in an organic loam

Sabrina Anderson, 2019

  • Key result: Wood-based compost boosts active carbon in soil, supporting larger microbial populations and more fungal colonies.

Effect of Metarhizium brunneum application method on wireworm damage to potato

Jenna Graham, 2019

  • Key result: M. brunneum did not reduce wireworm damage or increase potato yield, regardless of application method.

Leaf mold as renewable alternative to peat in seed starting media

Rosina Rodighiero, 2019

  • Key result: A blend of leaf mold, compost, and vermiculite successfully replaced the peat and vermiculite blend commonly used in vegetable transplant production.

Efficacy of fungicides available for powdery mildew control in certified organic squash production

Jordan Roper, 2019

  • Key result: Baking soda, milk, and Bacillus subtilis all slowed the spread of powdery mildew on organic squash.


Funding and Support:


Organic Science Cluster III