Hire a KPU student

Jeff Schmidt

Jeff knew he needed applied skills and by using co-op as a vehicle for his success, he was able to learn how to relate in interviews, connect with employers, and ultimately find what he was looking for.  As an employer, you can participate in ‘Giving Back’ by providing co-op employment opportunities.  Read on to see how much it helped Jeff.

Jeff Schmidt already had a degree when he began searching for something that would help him develop applied skills. That’s when he found the Environmental Protection Technology diploma and co-op program at KPU.

“I was very excited that they offered paid co-op work terms,” says Schmidt. “I believed it would be just the experience I sorely lacked that could help jumpstart my career.”

As a co-op student, Schmidt made connections that allowed him to enhance his career and advance in the industry. Working in the field, he says, is the only way to know you’ve chosen the right career path.

“Gaining experience and an understanding of the environmental field has allowed me to find a sense of purpose in the world and I am truly happy.”

“I applied to nearly 40 jobs prior to my first work term. I received multiple interviews that helped me gain knowledge about what employers were looking for. Do research on the company you’re applying to and have a unique selling point that separates you from your competition. There are a lot of great people out there that are willing to see someone young succeed.”

Hire an engaged student like Jeff to work for you!  Co-op students are available from a variety of co-op supported programs and we are currently accepting jobs postings for January start dates.  Contact the co-op office to find out more or submit a job posting.  Email co-op@kpu.ca or call 604.599.2465.