KPU Students Leave Their Mark on Social Justice Education

Yeung and Leung combine their coursework with impressive undergraduate research
Ayesha Khan, Student Assistant, Department of Educational Studies and Counselling

Betty Yeung (B.A., 2015) and Charmaine Leung (B.A., 2016) have made the most out of their undergraduate experience. Now looking forward to future graduate studies, the two are proud authors of three peer-reviewed papers and six conference presentations.

Betty Yeung and Charmaine Leung

Yeung and Leung started their educational research while taking EDUC 1100: Introduction to Higher Education, before moving on to EDUC 3240 Social Justice in Education and EDUC 3210 Supportive Relations in Educational Settings. Their most recent paper, “Do as we say, not as we do: The nature of environmental education,” published in Antistasis (a journal of the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Education), examines the moral burden environmental education places on children. Their previous work examined LGBTQ issues in educational policy, and teacher education.

Yeung and Leung have presented across Canada at six conferences since January 2013, including The Student Leadership Conference (Surrey, BC), Investigating Our Practices 2013 (Vancouver, BC), The Canadian Society for the Study of Education 2013 (Victoria, BC), The Annual Sociological and Criminology Undergraduate Student Conference (Surrey, BC), The Canadian Society for the Study of Education 2014 (Niagara Falls, ON), and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Education 2014 (Vancouver, BC). David P. Burns, their research supervisor and a KPU faculty member, comments, "What these students demonstrate is that you can combine your undergraduate study with meaningful and productive research experiences. The papers Betty and Charmaine co-authored are now a part of my courses, and the ideas they have developed will impact the way those classes are taught in the future."


editing by David P. Burns