KPU Scholar Brings the Cutting Edge to the Classroom

Dr. Ann-Marie McLellan, Department Chair of Educational Studies and Counselling, brings teaching, research, and writing together
Marlene Rhoden, Student Assistant, Department of Educational Studies and Counselling

While she isn’t busy leading her department, Dr. Ann-Marie McLellan conducts groundbreaking work on the complex relationship between students, psychology and schooling. As coauthor of the 2013 book, The Education of Selves: How Psychology Transformed Students, Dr. McLellan has extended scholarly understanding of the intricate ways in which philosophical and psychological conceptions of the self change how we understand children and schooling. This research is, according to the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, both “interesting and thought-provoking.” It is also the topic of an exciting new course at KPU. In EDUC 4220, The Self in Education and Counselling, McLellan’s unique expertise comes to life:

Students [in EDUC 4220] will develop an understanding of the influence of historical, social, and cultural contexts on conceptions of self and personhood. They will investigate conceptions and practices of the self through the lens of critical history, and the development of selfhood, identity, and agency through enculturation. Students will critically examine theoretical and empirical programs of inquiry regarding the self, and the impact of these programs on educational and counselling practice.


The Self in Education and Counselling is available at the KPU library. Dr. McLellan's coauthor is Dr. Jack Martin.


editing by David P. Burns