English in The Learning Centres


Would you like a little help with your writing?  Come to one of the Learning Centres if you find yourself struggling in any course that requires writing: we offer advice and assistance with grammar, expression, argumentation, structure and development at every level:  the sentence, the paragraph and even the whole essay or report.  You have to do your own work—there’s no getting around it—but two faculty tutors from the English department—and a small army of dedicated, cheerful and energetic peer tutors—students, like yourself, but further along in their studies—are all there to help you reduce your stress and confusion over your work—and improve your performance in your courses.  Go to the Learning Centres web page to sign up—or just go straight to the Learning Centre on your campus to make an appointment and become a better writer by taking action. Students may also wish to visit our Student Support page to learn more about the resources available to you.