Brett Vanderkist


I’ve worked as an animator since graduating from Capilano University’s Commercial Animation program in 2003. Originally trained in classical animation, I transitioned to animating with Flash on my first commercial project at Atomic Cartoons (Atomic Betty). Over the next few years, I continued to work on several TV-series (Edgar and Ellen, Wow Wow Wubbzy), and then transitioned to CG animation on the Maya animated TV series Zeke’s Pad. I worked for several studios including Nitrogen Studios (Thomas and Friends), Wildbrain (George of the Jungle, Kid Vs Kat), Piranha Games (MechWarrior cinematics), Klei Entertainment (cinematics for Sugar Rush and Mark of the Ninja), and Bardel Entertainment (Planet Sheen, Teen Titans Go!). I have also authored two courses for PluralSight (12 Principles of Animation in Maya, and Animating a Walk Cycle in Maya). I have been teaching animation classes since 2007 (Think Tank Training Centre, VCAD, Vancouver Film School) and joined the CEA program as a full-time instructor in 2021.

Courses taught

  • ENTA 1320: Intermediate 3D Animation
  • ENTA 2220: Advanced Character Animation in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 2321: 3D Animation Project: Preproduction
  • ENTA 2322: 3D Animation Project: Production
  • ENTA 2323: 3D Animation Project: Production Finals
  • ENTA 2324: 3D Animation Portfolio

Areas of Interest

I’m fascinated with how emerging technologies are opening up new methods of producing animation. Even though animators must still master the principles of animation and learn how to create strong character performances, it’s exciting to see the wide range of tools that are becoming available. Being adaptable to a wide range of production methods is an important skill for digital artists and requires the commitment to continue learning throughout their careers.