Diego De la Rocha

3D Animation and Visual Effects (Vancouver Film School)

Diego De la Rocha is focused on hand-crafted and non-violent character animation across any traditional and digital media that allows for quirky storytelling as well as a very curious person about any other disciplines in the arts and interactive media. 

As a graduate with honours from Vancouver Film School’s 3D Animation and Visual Effects program with a focus on Computer Graphics Animation, their work has been shown in film festivals around the world. Diego has had the pleasure of working both in Advertisement and Gaming industries and has had clients such as the Canadian Space Agency. Diego has been part of the Indie games development scene helping create games with the community in Turtle Island 🤓. 

Some of the titles they’ve had a privilege in helping create have been “Wandersong”, “Ikenfell”, “Little Robot Friends: Secret of the Source Code” I was a Teenage Exocolonist, “BeastieBall”,  and “Untitled Goose Game(honk!).

Whenever Diego is not busy spreading passion and love about animation in Academia or volunteering for educational organizations, they spend their time learning new skills, and looking to learn more about nature and its wonders 🌱. 

Courses taught

  • ENTA 1101: Digital Photography
  • ENTA 1200: Introduction to Advanced Programs in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 1300: Introduction to Maya in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 1120: 3D Animation Principles and Techniques
  • ENTA 1220: Introduction to 3D Animation
  • ENTA 1221: Introduction to 3D in Entertainment Arts
  • ENTA 1332: Character Animation in Game Development

Areas of Interest

Diego is passionate about creating non-violent content driven media! Interested in anything related to hand-crafted animation, films, games, and any other medium that allows to tell stories that help us become better human beings as a community.