Tracy Adole

BSc (Hons) (University of Benin, Nig), MSc (University of East Anglia, UK), PhD (University of Southampton, UK)

Tracy Adole is an Environmentalist and organizational leader in research and development, science-policy integration, program management, and stakeholder management. Apart from teaching Geography, Tracy has worked with a wide range of stakeholders on geographical and environmental programs/projects across multiple countries. To mention a few are; the Independent Verification of UNEP recommendation specific to Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Ogoniland, the control of waste induced flooding and health hazards several local government areas in Nigeria, beekeeping development project for youths in collaboration with a UK charity (Bees Abroad), and the Geospatial References, Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3) in five sub-Saharan countries. 

She obtained her BSc from Nigeria and her MSc and PhD from the UK. Her PhD from the University of Southampton focused on the Land Surface Phenology of Africa, its drivers and relationship with climate variability. Her current research interest is centered on the disproportionate impact and policies of climate change and understanding human population growth dynamics within the context of sustainable development and climate change.

Tracy is also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an avid volunteer who loves contributing to local and international non-profit organizations. She is very passionate about finding solutions to real world issues using data, technology, and partnership. Tracy hobbies are playing the piano and chess. 

Areas of Interest

My research interests include the science of climate change, the disproportionate impacts of climate change, clean energy, population dynamics, UN Sustainable Development Goals and using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing (GIS/RS) techniques and data to solve real world problems.  

Scholarly Work