Spring 2013 Courses


The preliminary Spring 2013 education plan for the Department of Geography at Kwantlen Polytechnic University is as follows:

Spring 2013                        


Sections                                               Course Number and Title


5                                                              1101 Human Geography

5                                                              1110 Atmospheric Science

5                                                              1120 Earth Science

1                                                              1160 Geography of British Columbia

2                                                              2140 Regional Geography of Canada

1                                                              2250 The City

1                                                              2xxx Qualitative Techniques in Geography

1                                                              2320 Geomorphology

1                                                              2340 Biogeography

1                                                              2400 Introduction to GIS

1                                                              3100 Research Methods

1                                                              3120 Space Economies

1                                                              3320 Resource Management

1                                                              4380 Applications in GIS





A draft version of the Spring 2013 schedule has been prepared, and is available here.  This is a preliminary schedule, subject to change, and is presented for informational purposes only.  Information will be updated as registration for Spring 2013 classes nears and the official Kwantlen registration guide for that term is published.  


In the event of any variance between the information presented here and in the official University Registration Guide, the official version is understood to be authoritative.