The Unsolved Riddles of Stephen Leacock

The Unsolved Riddles of Stephen Leacock

Part of "My Discovery of the West Re-Tour 2017", presented by Voyageur Storytelling, sponsored by KPU Faculty of Arts

Surrey Conference Centre
Monday, November 27, 2017
Free and open to the public!

Join us for an engaging talk-and-tell presentation about one of the greatest Canadian storytellers of our time, Stephen Leacock.  As part of a cross Canada speaker series tour, Voyageur Storytelling will explore his work, and the essence of his social, economic, political and literary thought.

Stephen Leacock's name is familiar to many people, but the impressive scope and magnitude of his accomplishment has been largely forgotten. One of the purposes of the Re-Tour (aside from spreading edifying amusement and amusing edification) is to remind people of both the unique curiosity of his life story and the cream of his stories. He was one of the mad ones: mad to talk, mad to write, mad for the romance of history, mad for social justice through the mundane practice of economics and politics, mad to make people laugh, mad to theorize, mad to particularize, mad to teach, mad for what he called "unsolved riddles", often mad at them. Sometimes he triumphed, sometimes not. A man of his time, striving to transcend its evils although occasionally, alas, sharing them, he was always a good storyteller and a good story.

For more information on this travelling speaker series across Canada, vist Voyageur Storytelling.