Add some BAM to your education!


The City University’s Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) Degree program focuses on core business and management skills in finance, marketing, project management and human resources, along with a specialized emphasis on socially and environmentally responsible business practices. With curriculum already focused on sustainable resources, practices and design, KPU’s diplomas in horticulture, environment protection, brewing and CADD are a natural fit with the BAM degree.*

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Two Year KPU Diplomas

  • Brewing and Brewery Operations*
  • CADD Technologies*
  • Environmental Protection Technology*
  • Horticulture Technology*

2 years degree completion at City University of Seattle – Vancouver campus


BAM! A Bachelor of Arts in Management with a Specialized Study Emphasis in Socially and Environmentally Responsible Management

Learn more about the diploma programs and transfer options here:


Brewing and Brewery Operations

CADD Technologies

Environmental Protection Technology

*May need additional courses to transfer into third year.