Bookstore Donation Guidelines

The following are guidelines that will help evaluate your request.  We strongly encourage applicants to review the guidelines prior to submitting an donation application.


  • You must be part of an organization that is a direct part of the campus community (student, staff or faculty organization).
  • Outside organizations promoting an activity that encourages students to attend KPU may be considered for a donation.

Things to Consider:

  • Please submit your application early.  We request that donation forms be submitted at least one month prior to your event.
  • All requests will be considered by a committee at our scheduled Ancillary Services meeting held the second or third week of each month.
  • Provide as much information about your organization and event as you can. Clearly explain the nature and purpose of your event to help us determine an appropriate donation.
  • Understand that previous donations to the charity, club or department for which you are raising funds or hosting an event is part of the consideration process. While this may be the first time you have made a request other groups from your Faculty or charity may have already made requests and we may have already made several donations to the same cause.
  • Do not request monetary donations. The Bookstore provides items such as T-shirts and small gift items only.
  • No exchanges or refunds on donation items. Any person coming to the store requesting a refund or exchange on donated items will be directed back to the organization that gave them the item. If your organization would like to purchase items for prizing then we would be more than happy to exchange or refund your purchase. You must have a receipt for exchange or refund.
  • We will be more than happy to work with you to custom order promotional / gift items or to negotiate a discount on bulk orders. To discuss group pricing please contact us.