Featured Alumni | Iain Sutherland

Head Brewer | Breton Brewing, Nova Scotia | bretonbrewing.ca

2016 graduate

What are you most excited about/looking forward to as the head brewer at Breton Brewing?

IS: I've been working at Breton Brewing since I graduated in 2016 and I became the head brewer in 2018, which is pretty exciting. Right now, I'm really looking forward to my upcoming collaborations, which I can't say too much about right now...soon though! One of the highlights from last year was seeing my recipe for a Gingerbread ESB make it into a full production canning run and sold through Nova Scotia liquor stores (NSLC) as a holiday pack.  


How has your Brewing Diploma and time at KPU helped your career?

IS: My time and what I learned in the KPU Brewing program gave me a fantastic base of knowledge that I am continuing to build on every day. I still refer to my notes from classes as a head brewer. 


What Breton Brewing beer are you drinking right now?

IS: As I'm writing this, I am drinking the Rye'd or Die Rye IPA collaboration that we brewed with Garrison Brewing Co. in Halifax. My drink of choice recently has been Tatamagouche Brewing North Shore Lagered Ale.


Some words of advice for Brewing students entering the brewing/craft beer industry:

IS: My words of advice to the current KPU Brew students would be to continue learning as much as you can: read books; listen to podcasts; and research any questions you have. Continue collaborating—your peers are one of the best resources. Plus, keep all your notes. You'll be kicking yourself if you toss them! 


If you're in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia any time soon, drop by Breton Brewing to say hi to Iain and see what beer he's brewing these days! 




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