Featured Alumni | Ted Fine

Head Brewer | Main Street Brewing | mainstreetbeer.ca

2016 graduate
(Pictured with Jack Bensley (l), KPU Brew Advisory Committee member and previous head brewer at Main Street)

What are you most excited about/looking forward to as the new head brewer at Main Street?

TF: It's exciting to have so much creative control over new beers we will be making, but I think what I'm most passionate right now is making subtle tweaks to our core beers. It's a great opportunity to apply some of the chemistry and biology I learned at school and see if there are any process improvements that can be made.


How has your Brewing Diploma and time at KPU helped your career?

TF: My KPU Diploma helps in so many ways: brewing theory and science, business best practices, marketing and sales, people management. Since my work experience to this point was more actual brewing and less business focused, it really helps having schooling in the latter three points. I try to imagine what Nancy (More, Brewing instructor) would say about a lot of the problems I confront. I've also got great industry connections through my classmates, which is super helpful whether I need yeast, to bounce ideas off someone or to just vent.


What Main Street beer are you drinking right now?

TF: I'm currently drinking our Brut Moscato, which is a collaboration with Kanazawa wines. We made a super dry saison and added 500 litres of orange Muscat juice. The beer is hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, which pairs really nicely with the slight orange/citrus character of the grape juice. It's highly carbonated and bright, with a lovely white wine finish. Available February 7th!


Some words of advice for Brewing students entering the brewing/craft beer industry:

TF: Entry level brewery jobs are brutal but if you can put your head down and show a strong work ethic, opportunities will follow. Demonstrate that you really care about what you're doing and that you want to learn and you'll do well. Attention to detail is key.


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