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What is a cover letter? 

  • Self-marketing business letter used with your resume to get an interview
  • Introduces you to the employer and provides them with detailed information on why you are applying
  • Outlines how your education, skills, experience, accomplishments, & knowledge will benefit them
  • Requests an opportunity to meet personally with the employer

What do I include in my cover letter?

Include the following type of information in your sentences:

  • Your interest in the company – the why, how, where you heard about the position
  • How you will fill/match the company’s needs
  • How you would like to discuss the role and your skills further in a meeting

Quantify your statements

Rephrase your key accomplishment statements from your resume

  • How long did you do it?
  • How much responsibility did you have?
  • What techniques did you use and why were they useful?

How do I organize my cover letter?

It is up to you how you want to arrange your cover letter paragraphs. Below are some suggestions to help you organize them effectively:

1. First Paragraph: Introduction

Introduce and reference the position you are applying for, what you know about the position, your enthusiasm, and your unique selling points

2. Second Paragraph: Hard skills

Match your hard skills with those specified in the job description; provide examples

3. Third Paragraph: Soft skills

Match your soft skills with those specified in the job description; provide examples

4. Last Paragraph: Conclusion

Thank the employer for their time and ask for an interview

For more information, log into Career Connection to download Cover Letter Basics

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