Career Readiness Workshops - Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Diploma Students

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Fall Workshops 2019 – Civic Plaza

Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Diplomas


Get ready to work! Build your confidence and your job search tools with our free workshops this fall!





Finding a Job in Canada

Tuesday, September 10

5:00-6:30 PM

New to Canada and looking to find some part-time work? Join your Melville School of Business Coaches and the International department to find out more. What do you need in order to work locally? What are the parameters and how can you find work that helps you – long term?


Resumes and Cover Letter

Thursday, September 12

5:00-6:30 PM

Tuesday, September 17

5:00-6:30 PM

Whether you have never created a resume before or you are looking to polish an existing one, this workshop will help you create an effective resume & cover letter to help you catch an employer’s attention. Your resume is usually one of the first tools needed that helps you share who you are and what you can do BUT you only have a few seconds to make a good impression with it. Create a resume that you are proud of - that showcases all the skills and experience you have (you have more than you think)!


Volunteer – Build your experience!

Tuesday, October 1

5:00-6:30 PM

You need experience to get experience?? One way to showcase the skills and talents that you have is through volunteering! How can you find strategic volunteer opportunities that help you to move forward? Join us to learn more about volunteering on and off campus.



Thursday, October 3

5:00-6:30 PM

Do you need a LinkedIn profile? Yes, you DO! Find out how you can use this powerful networking tool to build a professional online presence and find work. We’ll cover creating an effective profile, building your connections, and how you can gain valuable information about employers and their organizations.


Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews

Tuesday, October 8

3:00-4:30 PM

Tuesday, October 22

5:00-6:30 PM

An interview is your opportunity to make a good impression – in person. How can you convince prospective employers that you are the best fit for the job? How do you prepare for an interview – especially considering that you will be nervous? What types of questions do you need to prepare for? Practice your responses and get feedback on how to answer challenging interview questions.


Workplace Culture & Communication

Wednesday, October 30

5:00-6:30 PM

How do Canadian workplaces differ? What skills are required to “fit in” within the diverse groups of people and the expectations and values of local businesses? Find out more about communication skills, social norms, and how to present yourself professionally on the job. Learn more about BC Employment Standards and your rights as a worker.