KORA EVENT - 4th Annual Conference

Sociology and Criminology Undergraduate Student Conference

The 4th Annual Sociology & Criminology Undergraduate Student Conference

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities

Date: Friday, November 7, 2014
Time: 8:00 to 17:00
Place: Conference Centre
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
12666 72 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada


A Scholarly Collaboration to Showcase KORA


Introducing KORA!


We all know that an incredible amount of scholarly activity happens at Kwantlen. But where can you go to find it? Until now, there was no ‘home’ for all of this work to be showcased, discovered, shared and built upon. Starting on November 7, 2014, KORA will be that home!


What is KORA?


KORA -- Kwantlen Open Resource Access -- is a freely-available digital collection of scholarly and creative works produced by members of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) community.


KORA will collect and preserve a wide range of digital works created by, or on behalf of, the University, its faculty, staff, students, and affiliated partners. This “institutional repository” will include journal articles, conference presentations, reports, videos, and much more. KORA will also provide the tools for KPU scholars to publish peer-reviewed, open-access journals and books, and to organize events and conferences. KORA is one of the ways that KPU is supporting more open scholarly communication, which will benefit both local and wider communities.


What you’ll see at the launch on November 7th is a tiny sample of the types of resources that KORA can include. The Library is just at the start of adding material to KORA. We hope that you’ll be inspired to contribute your work to KORA too. By KPU Day 2015, we think you will be as impressed as we are by the quality and diversity of the works produced here at KPU.


Why should I be a part of KORA?


KORA will greatly increase the visibility of our scholars’ works. Items in KORA will be readily discovered in Google and Google Scholar searches, vastly expanding their reach and potential impact. Contributors will receive regular, private statistical reports on the use of their work in KORA. 


By sharing this content freely through the Internet, scholars can discover each other’s work, leading to fruitful collaborations with colleagues in other KPU departments or around the world. Each item will have a permanent home, with a stable web address to include in a CV, portfolio, or resume. Items will be migrated to new formats as technologies change, to ensure their continued availability.


Who’s behind this?


The KPU Library manages KORA, with assistance from the Office of Research & Scholarship, and guidance from the Senate Standing Committee on the Library.


What’s under the hood?


KORA uses the Digital Commons service from bepress (formerly Berkeley Electronic Press) to provide the infrastructure and technical support for KORA. Over 300 universities from around the world are members of the Digital Commons Network.


I’m excited! How can I contribute?


As soon as KORA launches on November 7th, you will be able to submit your work online. Until then, please email us and we’ll send you more info! 




Please email your questions to kora@kpu.ca. You may also contact Chris Burns in the Library (604-599-3198604-599-3198).