Chasing Kismet Book Launch

Chasing Kismet
Monday, June 19, 2017
11:30am – 12:30pm
KPU Surrey Main Atrium

We invite all KPU students, faculty and the community together to read and discuss Chasing Kismet by Amrita Lit, KPU Psychology Alumna (BA ’12). 

Join us for engaging conversation, where our author reads a passage from the book, discusses your reactions, and answers questions.

Refreshments will be served!

Chasing Kismet: the journey of an indo-canadian girl who sets out to discover her roots, but becomes uprooted instead

Life as a young, modern Indo-Canadian woman is not as simple as it may seem. Tara Sidhu knows this firsthand. She’s doing her best to accept that women of her culture are treated differently than men, but her mother’s cold demeanor and her father’s alcoholism leave her feeling truly alone.

Although trying her best to run toward a different future—one far removed from the societal expectations of her community—Tara finds her past relentlessly catching up with her.

Sent to India to put a loved one to rest, Tara ends up ensnared in an arranged marriage. The darkly complex web of her family history entangles her, and Tara must tap her inner strength to combat the emotional horrors inflicted upon her.

Chasing Kismet tackles deeply convoluted human issues that will particularly resonate with Indian and South Asian readers. From the intricacies of family and community dynamics to the lack of mental health support, Tara’s experience is one that will feel intimately familiar to many.

Written with dazzling emotional depth and profound cultural insights, Chasing Kismet will remind you that family roots have a way of following us—no matter how hard we pursue a new destiny.

Chasing Kismit is available at: | | Kindle | Chapters Indigo

Author: Amrita Lit
Twitter: AmritaSandhu88
Instagram: AmritaLiterature
Facebook: Amrita Literature