What We Do



The CIR:CLE participates in a wide range of community-based initiatives.  Below are samples of what the CIR:CLE has to offer.


Relationship building: 
The CIR:CLE has cultivated a wide range of relationships with community partners. Through meetings to discuss project opportunities, sitting on various community communities, hosting community meetings, answering research questions, site visits, and attending related conferences, the CIR:CLE has established and maintained long-term relationships with community partners throughout British Columbia.

Direct participation in research activities:
The CIR:CLE works with community groups, school districts, municipal governments and police agencies to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of various programs.

Development and delivery of community-based conferences and meetings: 
The CIR:CLE develops, organizes and participates in conferences held on site at Kwantlen’s Conference Centre.  Examples of this include the Youth Homelessness Conference, and the Youth Gang Violence workshop

onference Support
The CIR:CLE financially supports conferences developed and delivered by other departments and faculty members.

Proposal Writing:
The CIR:CLE writes proposals that lead to funding for CIR:CLE projects and independent faculty projects.

The CIR:CLE works directly with faculty as a mentor for conducting community-based research.

Faculty Networking:  
The CIR:CLE has organized seminars and participated in consultations on specific projects and questions, in addition to team-based research projects (eg. Caring Enough to Act).

Brown Bag Sessions:  
The CIR:CLE has hosted brown bag sessions with faculty, staff and students.