Advanced Mobile Marketing (LERN) - MMRK 9019

Advanced skills will enable you to manage your states of consciousness to eliminate the negative emotions and limit decisions that interfere with your ability to obtain the highest levels of success in all areas of your life, including career, relationships, health & fitness, family, personal growth & development. You will learn how to effectively use language to enhance communication and reframe any situation to your personal benefit.

Unit 1   Mobile Marketing - From Text to App
  • SMS/MMS Marketing
  • Non-Native Apps
  • Native Apps
  • Leveraging Existing Apps
Unit 2   Strategy Design
  • Intent/Goals
  • Metrics
  • Platform decisions
  • Pricing implications
Unit 3   Campaign Design
  • Elements of a Successful campaign
  • Design choices and implications
  • Case study of a successful campaign
  • Measuring success
Unit 4   Campaign Execution
  • Timing
  • Integration with other campaign elements
  • Cross organization training
  • Gaining customer buy-in
Instructor: LERN
Nov 6 - Dec 1, 2017
$319 + GST
CRN:  Nov 80047

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