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Management Skills

Certificate in Leading and Managing Virtual Teams

Almost every business in North America uses virtual teams.  As the move to virtually teaming accelerates, gain the knowledge and skills to develop high performance virtual teams and contribute to their success.  The Certificate is designed to benefit anyone who is a leader or member of a team that leverages virtual meeting and collaboration tools.  If you are the formal leader of a virtual team, an informal leader or want to become one, you will learn how to lead a virtual team, leverage virtual meeting tools and help lead that team to a higher level of performance. At the end of this three-course certificate, you will come away with an in -depth knowledge of what you can do to make a difference on the teams that you are part of.  Take away actionable skills, tips and processes that you can apply with your virtual team.

Introduction to Leading Virtual Teams

This course is the foundation course of the 3-course certificate and defines the differences between a traditional team and one that is at least partially virtual.  The role of the team leader is explored and you will learn the key knowledge and skills needed to excel at virtual team leadership, weather this is a fulltime or part time role. In the second half of the course, you are shown how to build a solid virtual team and then how to kick off a virtual team, setting it up for success.

Leading and Mastering Virtual Meetings

For anyone who leads virtual meetings or wants to become an empowered virtual meeting member, discover the keys to success in mastering virtual meetings.  Get the knowledge and skills to create and lead positive and goal oriented virtual team meetings. You will also learn when not to use virtual meetings. The course also covers how to lead and manage difficult virtual meetings or difficult attendees and how to resolve conflict if it occurs. Come away with skills to enhance your participation and leadership in virtual meetings. 

Creating High Performance Virtual Teams

Building on the foundation learned in Introduction to Leading Virtual Teams, this course covers the skills and processes needed to move an ordinary virtual team to a high performance virtual team.  The skills include how to organize the team and then how to empower communication between team members while meeting the individual team member’s needs.  You will also learn processes used by most high performing virtual teams.  Finally, the course will cover the leaders’ role in developing highly engaged team members including how to build trust, commitment, respect and empowerment.


Management Boot Camp - MGMT 9007 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $408.45
Project Management Processes- MGMT 9002 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $271.95
Collaborative Management - MGMT 9006 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $334.95
Productivity eTools: Be Organized and Get Stuff Done - MGMT 9009 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $334.95
Program Evaluation for Non-Profit Professionals - MGMT 9005 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $334.95
Stress Management - MGMT 9003 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $198.45
Managing Productivity - MGMT 9010 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $334.95
Lean Six Sigma - MGMT 9002 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $334.95
Managing Generations in the Workplace - MGMT 9008 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $240.45
Project Management Knowledge Areas - MGMT 9013 (CRN: ) - Register   Online Online $271.95