Marketing Business Publications (LERN) - MMRK 9010

Having a book idea and publishing it is only half the recipe for success. Find out how to get the word out to your target market. Discover the various marketing avenues for your book. Acquire information on which social media site or sites make sense for your audience and how to maximize your effort by minimizing your time online. Most importantly, you will create a marketing plan so you can map out your steps from start to finish.

Unit 1  Your Marketing Plan
  • Setting objectives for success
  • Your target audience and promotion plan
  • A model business publication or book marketing plan
  • A 4 stage process model for developing your marketing plan
Unit 2  Promoting Your Business Publication
  • Some 25 ways to promote your business publication
  • Gaining publicity from publicity
  • What other marketing experts recommend
  • Selecting a Free Chapter
Unit 3  Using your Publication for Something Bigger
  • Eight Other Things that might be bigger than your publication
  • How to become an expert with authoring a publication
  • Using a business publication to become a speaker, teacher or consultant
Unit 4  Your ‘To-Do’ Action Plan
  • Your first six months’ strategy
  • Your Top 3 To-Do’s
  • Your long range marketing strategy
  • Taking home your business publication Marketing Plan

Instructor: LERN
Nov 6 - Dec 1, 2017
$259 + GST

CRN: Nov 80053

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