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Design Futures - Speaker Series

Presented by The Wilson School of Design, the second lecture of a 3-part Speaker Series is open to the public. Join us for an engaging talk presented by Studio for Pre-Expert Creativity’s Bruce Corson. Free registration: https://kpu.ca/design/speakerseries

The first speaker in the Design Futures Speaker Series, Jorge Furuya from Google in California was a sold-out event! Photos from the event can be seen on our Flickr page here.

Bruce Corson: Naming the “Right” Problem - Securing a Haven for Creative Collaboration

Thursday, February 18th
6:30pm – 8:00pm
KPU Richmond Campus - 8771 Lansdowne Road
Melville Centre for Dialogue 
Creative solutions depend on thoughtful creatively-identified problems. Our most critical responsibility as designers is naming the right problem. Most design collaborations, however, actively resist creative problem-naming - a result of the participants assuming pre-determined roles and seeking familiar discipline-based solutions.  
A much more productive collaborative strategy has all participants sharing responsibility for discovering the most effectively-named problems possible. The central challenge to contemporary design education and practice is how best to promote the exploratory sensibilities necessary for this form of collaboration.
Through a broad range of examples, Bruce Corson will discuss how he's addressed this challenge in his own teaching and design practice, the core objective of which has been encouraging collaborations in which creative problem-naming and creative problem-solving are inseparable.

Bruce Corson has maintained a cross-disciplinary design and consulting practice for 35 years. He has won national architectural design awards for accessible housing and energy efficient public buildings. His Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars project was cited by the New York State Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 59 Notable Projects of the 20th Century.  He is a licensed architect in California and has been a licensed building contractor.

He has taught engineering concepts in high schools, professional education courses for the American Institute of Architects and NASA, environmental studies and architectural energy design at University of California-Berkeley and both architectural design and cross-disciplinary collaborative design at Cornell University.  His current work concerns pre-expert strategies for fostering collaborative creativity in educational and organizational environments.