Embracing Sustainability in the Workplace - BUSK 9022

It’s a smart business practice and the right thing to do.  Find out how to implement sustainability solutions for your workplace. Gain practical information for yourself and your employees to begin on Monday morning.  Brand your organization in the world of environmental stewardship. Your instructors will detail and deliver practical approaches and applications toward implementing sustainability with guidance in planning procedures. Take back practical tips on operating your indoor environments to consider air, water, lighting, fitness, nutrition, mind and comfort.  For anyone pursuing a career in a company or in government where there is an effort to build awareness and to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental stewardship and overall social responsibility.

Unit 1   The Business Case for Sustainability
-Concepts of Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit. 
-The Return on Investment ( ROI )
-Human Capital Indicators and Employee Engagement
-Transparency for Stakeholders
-Reducing Energy Use Saves on the Bottom Line
Unit 2  An Internal Sustainability Plan
-Initial Assessment of Current Business Model
-An Office Task Force is Essential
-Designing a Mission Statement 
-Basics on Environmental Accounting and Reporting 
-Monitoring and Evaluation
Unit 3  Wellness in the Workplace 
-New Value Proposition for Well Offices
-Wellness Concepts: Air, water, light, fitness, nutrition, comfort and mind
-Risk vs Reward of Wellness Features
-Sick Building Syndrome 
Unit 4  Inner Company Initiatives That Work
-Office Procedural Strategies
-A Strategy for Resource Management
-Assessing Current Supply Chain and Purchasing Procedures
-Tools to Track Sustainable Products and Verify Healthy Purchasing
-Suggestions For Greening Your Office

Instructor: LERN

$259 + GST

CRN: Nov 80016

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