Engineering Options

I'm not in KPU's Engineering First-Year Certificate program. What are my options?



    Pros Cons

I am only interested in transferring to UBC Engineering

Try to register for all First-Year Engineering Courses [PDF]

• Eligible for admission to UBC (if all courses are taken within 8 months, and minimum 2.8 GPA achieved)

• No guarantee of having space in all courses
• Heavy course load
• Must complete within 8 months

  Follow UBC Engineering
transfer plan [PDF]

• Lesser course load
• Higher likelihood of getting courses
• Can complete over two years

• Higher GPA required
• No guaranteed admission to UBC
• Courses available on first-come,
first-served basis
I am open to transferring
to other engineering

Common engineering
transfer courses — UBC, UVIC, SFU [PDF]

UVIC Engineering transfer plan [PDF]

SFU Engineering transfer plan [PDF]

UBC Engineering transfer plan [PDF]

• Can complete over two years
• Keep options open
• Lesser course load than First-Year Engineering Certificate
• No guaranteed admission
• Courses available on a first-come, first-served basis