Andrea Niosi


Andrea Niosi has an MBA from the University of British Columbia and has been teaching undergraduate business courses (Marketing, Entrepreneurial Leadership) at Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 2008.

In 2021, Andrea published her first open textbook, An Introduction to Consumer Behaviour along with its companion, the Ancillary Resource Guide. Andrea engages in open pedagogy practices with her students by supporting their efforts in creating renewable & publishable work to supply the public domain with under-represented voices and examples in business. In 2020 Andrea was a BC Campus Grant Recipient and Fellow in KPU’s SDG Open Pedagogy Fellowship program. Since 2019, Andrea has been an active participant in the Open Education for a Better World mentoring program - first as a developer and now as a mentor. Andrea is a 2021 recipient of BC Campus’ Award for Excellence in Open Education.

When she’s not teaching at KPU she is a visiting instructor at the Vienna University of Applied Science and presenter at various conferences where she advocates, shares, and inspires others in the areas of open education and open pedagogy.