Steve Chan

B.ScN (Hon.), BCM, B.HSc (CM), MSc, MD, R.TCM.P

Dr. Chan received his Bachelor of Health Science from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia and  Bachelor of Chinese Medicine from the Hong Kong Baptist University. He further pursued a higher postgraduate  program in the Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China and obtained the Doctoral Degree of Medicine (M.D.) (Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine).  His area of research was “Post-stroke treatment with Dong’s acupuncture points”.  Results showed that early treatments with acupuncture, together with western medicine, will help the recovery. He obtained his clinical experience from many large provincial hospitals in China.


He has special interests in treating musculoskeletal injuries from sports, workplace or traffic accidents. The treatments include acupuncture and Chinese Tuina which is a combination of massage, acupressure, tendon stretching/soothing, joint manipulations. Many of his patients are referred from family GPs.  He also treats patients in Care Homes, who have mobility difficulties, and those who are undergoing chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Herbal medicines and dietary soup are also used to improve their immunity.


He participated in many community health volunteering activities in B.C., Hong Kong and the remote villages in mainland China. He has delivered over 40 health talks to the public  promoting TCM in B.C.



Dr. Chan also taught courses of herbal medicine and TCM Orthopedics and Traumatic Injuries in other TCM schools. At present, he teaches the TCM History and Classics, Tuina (Massage), Musculoskeletal Management and supervises the clinical practicum in the KPU student clinic.


Dr. Chan enjoys lifetime learning and already received 5 university degrees in engineering and medical studies. His first career was a Chartered and Professional Engineer in the U.K. and BC. He received his Bachelor and Master engineering degrees from the University of Manchester and Heriot-watt University in the U.K. Dr. Chan also received a Teacher’s Certificate from the Hong Kong Education Authority. Students like his interactive skill in teaching.


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