Ying Ma

B.A. (Beijing Foreign Studies University/ BFSU); M.Ed. (UBC); Ph.D. (UBC).
Surrey Office: Fir 3423

Ying Ma is currently a post-doctorate fellow in the Department of Curriculum Studies at UBC. She used to be a high school teacher in Beijing, China for seven years prior to pursuing her graduate study at UBC. She has rich cross-cultural teaching and research experience in diverse settings. Besides teaching at KPU, she also teaches Bachelor of Education courses in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia in Canada and graduate courses at Northeast Normal University in China. Her research interest includes teacher education, curriculum studies, comparative research, narrative inquiry, teacher identity, social equality, philosophical inquiry, and ethics.


Courses taught

  • EDUC 1150

Areas of Interest

Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies, Philosophy of Education, Moral Education, Comparative Research, Hermeneutics, Educational Judgment, Narrative Inquiry, Teachers’ Practical Identity



Scholarly Work

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