Discretionary Exceptions

Section 13: Advice or Recommendations

Allows a public body to withhold advice or recommendations developed by or for a public body or a minister in certain circumstances.

Section 14: Legal Advice

In the same way that communications with your lawyer is confidential, Section 14 allows a public body to withhold communications between itself and its legal counsel.

Section 15: Law Enforcement

Public bodies may withhold information that would harm a law enforcement matter.

Section 16: Intergovernmental Relations

Matters which could harm the relations between B.C.'s different levels of government and governments from other provinces and jurisdictions may be withheld under this section.

Section 17: Financial or Economic Harm

This section allows public bodies to withhold information which, if released, would cause financial or economic harm to the public body or to the government.

Section 18: Conservation of Heritage Sites

Information about heritage sites which would result in the exploitation or destruction of those sites can be withheld from disclosure.

Section 19: Harm to Individual or Public Safety

Information that could result in harm to any person's mental, physical or emotional health or to public safety can be withheld under this section.

Section 20: Information Soon to be Published

A public body may withhold information from an applicant if it had already planned to release or publish it within 60 days, or if it is already for sale to the public.