Extending the Time Limit for Responding

Section 7 of FIPPA provides that, subject to sections 23 and 24(1) a public body must respond to a request for records not later that 30 working days after receiving the request unless:

  • The time limit is extended under section 10 because:
    • 10(1)(a) the applicant does not give enough detail to enable the public body to identify a request record;
    • 10(1)(b) a large number of records is requested or must be searched and meeting the time limit would unreasonably interfere with the operations of the public body; or
    • 10(1)(c) more time is needed to consult with a third party or other public body before the head can decide whether or not to give the applicant access to the requested records.
  • OR
    • The public body transfers the request to another public body under section 11;
    • The public body applies under section 43 of FIPPA to the OIPC for authorization to disregard the request;
    • The public body issues a fee estimate and the applicant requests a review relating to a fee; or
    • A third party requests a review.