FSDP 9017 Student Supplies

Student Supplies:

  1. Canvas Stretcher bars X 4 approx. 12 X 15 inches ( do not buy before day 1)
  2. 3 meters white cotton sheeting, washed
  3. Brushes, water colour type, 1 round and 1 flat ( go for good quality medium priced brushes not dollar store brushes)
  4. Old towel about small bath size, not hand towels
  5. Package of plastic sheeting: from the paint store (drop sheet)
  6. Apron full body covering
  7. Scissors
  8. Chemical resistant gloves
  9. Sewing thread and sewing needles
  10. Kitchen twine (dollar store) (cotton not jute)
  11. A bag of marbles or other glass "pebbles" from a dollar store
  12. Plastic wrc;1p  (Saran Wrap )
  13. Large zip lock bags: one box
  14. A collection of plastic bags
  15. 6-8 plastic containers with lids (yogurt style containers: shorter containers)
  16. 1mages for silkscreen ( do not concern yourself with this before day 1)
  17. Binder-1 inch for notes, histories and recipes
  18. One skein white 100% wool  ( Maiwa on Granville Island- Cascade wool-merino)