FSH Spring 2021 Course Information


Faculty of Science

Spring 2021 Course Update

All of us at KPU continue to plan for the Spring 2021 term in order to provide you with a high-quality educational experience. Your health and well-being continue to be of utmost importance to us and we remain guided by the directions of the Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafe BC and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

Our measures to control the spread of COVID-19 are on-going and the majority of our classes will continue to be delivered online for the Spring term and a very limited number of courses in a blended format.  Blended format courses will include both on-campus, in-person and online delivery of the curriculum, in order for students to meet the learning outcomes of the course. 

For courses offering a blended format, the timetable will show a physical campus space for a specific date range.  This range is to give you an idea of when you may be required to be on campus for in-person instruction.  All labs and teaching spaces within the Faculty of Science have been inspected by KPU’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee and will be equipped to provide safe instruction while maintaining necessary social distancing measures.  The number of students attending in-person instruction will be reduced.  Instructors will provide more information about groupings and specific dates for in-person instruction once you are registered.

The following courses within the Faculty of Science will be offered in a blended format:

Academic Courses:

AGRI 1299

HOPS 1105

HORT 1104

HSCI 4995

AGRI 3290

HOPS 1110

HORT 1118

PHYS 1401

APSC 1299

HOPS 1205

HORT 1155

PHYS 2610

BIOL 2321

HOPS 1211

HORT 1217

PHYS 3620

BIOL 2330

HOPS 1214

HORT 1232


BIOL 3130

HOPS 2305

HORT 1240


BIOL 3320

HOPS 2310

HORT 1261


BIOL 3321

HOPS 2314

HORT 1293


BIOL 4299

HOPS 2405

HORT 2437


CHEM 1110


HORT 2442


CHEM 1210


HORT 2463


CHEM 2320


HORT 2493


CHEM 2420


HORT 3251


ENVI 1206


HORT 3320


ENVI 1216


HORT 3330


ENVI 1226


HORT 4231


ENVI 2315


HORT 4820


ENVI 2901




ENVI 2902





Apprenticeship Courses:

Level 1

Level 3

Level 4

AHHA 1001

AHHA 1051

AHLN 1043

AHHA 1002

AHHA 1052

AHLN 1044

AHHA 1003

AHHA 1055


AHHA 1005

AHHA 1056


AHHA 1010



AHHA 1012




For section specifics including dates and times, please refer to the timetable

For more information on spring 2021 registration, please visit: