Geog Summer 2014 Courses

Summer 2014 Geography Course Listing (Provisional): Course: Instructor: GEOG 1101 Human Geography GEOG 1101 R10 (Compressed: May-June) Dola Pradhan GEOG 1101 S50 (Compressed: May-June) Dola Pradhan GEOG 1110 Atmospheric Science GEOG 1110 R10 (Compressed: May-June) Mungandi Nasitwitwi GEOG 1110 S10 (Compressed: May-June) Mungandi Nasitwitwi GEOG 1160 Geography of British Columbia GEOG 1160 R10 (Online) Mungandi Nasitwitwi GEOG 1160 S10 (Online) Mungandi Nasitwitwi GEOG 1120 Earth Science GEOG 1120 R10 (Compressed: July-August) Jan Thompson GEOG 1120 S10 (Compressed: July-August) Jan Thompson GEOG 2140 Regional Geography of Canada GEOG 2140 R10 (Compressed: May-June) Dola Pradhan GEOG 2140 S50 (Compressed: May-June) Dola Pradhan