Global Buddy Program

The Global Buddy Program is a social network of current KPU students who are interested in welcoming new incoming exchange and visiting students to KPU. A Global Buddy Mentor's role is to help the incoming students navigate KPU’s student services, invite the students to events, and provide necessary support that ensures a comfortable stay and a sense of belonging in Canada.

Buddies on Hike

Testimonials or Buddy Stories

Jas, KPU Buddy, Summer 2023:

Having buddies like Ahmad and Anna really made my semester better. After coming back from study abroad I really wanted to improve my German and continue to learn about the culture. Throughout the semester we all became great friends, and I am glad I signed up for the program!

Events and Activities:

The KPU Buddy Program has a few events to better connect with your buddies these include:


Introductory Event

The first chance to meet your buddy! As well as all other inbound students and KPU students, a great chance to mix and mingle.

Midterm Event

Midterm season stressing you out? Look no further as you will get a chance to spend some quality time with your buddies exploring the many activities in Metro Vancouver. You will have access to KPU’s secret list of the best spots!

Farewell Event

A final goodbye to all the inbound students and great way to say farewell to your buddy and the other students.

How to Apply

For Inbound StudentsGlobal Buddy Program | Exchange & Visiting Students Application | - Kwantlen Polytechnic University
For KPU StudentsGlobal Buddy Program | KPU Buddy Application | - Kwantlen Polytechnic University

More Information

For inquiries regarding admissions and support for the Global Buddy Program, please contact our International Student Office:
Contact: Anton Kuznetsov (International Support Assistant)


Inbound Students

What support can I expect from the buddy program upon my arrival?

You can expect your buddy to help you settle into your new home, feel free to ask questions you may have about the transportation, culture and education system.

How will I be matched with a buddy?

Your match will be made based on similar interests and studies by the Study Abroad coordinators.

Can I request a buddy who speaks my native language?

Although we cannot guarantee anything, there is a section in the application to leave your potential preferences and/or comments. We will try our best to accommodate your request.

What kind of activities can I expect with my buddy?

Your buddy may lead activities outside of the campus and can be many of Metro Vancouver’s wonders. There will also be a midterm event as well as a list of KPU’s recommendations for activities.

How can my buddy help me with academic integration?

Your buddy will be able to showcase KPU’s many different academic resources available to you.

Are there any orientation sessions or events specifically for inbound exchange students?

Yes, there will be a welcome session to introduce you to the staff who will be helping you throughout your stay as well as your KPU buddy.

How can I contact my buddy before arriving in the host country?

You will be paired beforehand and will be provided with their email along with their phone number if your KPU buddy has agreed to provide it.

Can my buddy assist me with practical matters like finding accommodation, opening a bank account and mobile plans?

Although your buddy cannot directly assist you with these matters, they can provide you with recommendations and resources.

KPU students

How many buddies will I be paired with?

We cannot guarantee a maximum or minimum, as it depends on the number of applicants during that semester. We will try our best to ensure you are placed with a manageable number of buddies.

What are the responsibilities of a buddy?

Your responsibilities will encompass staying in contact with your buddies throughout the semester, as well as leading one (1) off campus activity during the semester.

How much time commitment is expected from me as a buddy?

You can expect to spend upwards of roughly five (5) hours a month.

Will I receive any training or support?

Yes, you must attend a 1 on 1 training session. You will also have access to resources catered towards being a KPU buddy.

Don't jump to conclusions about the need to upgrade. Check the prerequisites for your required courses, or the requirements for your intended program, in the KPU Calendar. Unless stated in the Calendar, there are no age limits on courses.

Can I choose the specific country or region of the incoming student I'll be paired with?

Although we cannot guarantee anything, there is a section in the application to leave your potential preferences and/or comments. We will try our best to accommodate your request.

How can I communicate with my assigned exchange student?

Before the semester begins you can expect to receive your buddy’s email as well as phone number if they have provided it.

What resources or support are available if I encounter difficulties during my buddy experience?

You can always access your Global Buddy handbook for guidance but if you need even more assistance, please contact the Global Buddy lead and Study Abroad office.

Can being a buddy count towards any co-curricular or volunteer hours?

Yes, you will receive a certificate at the end of the term for your volunteer hours.