KPU Privacy Policy for Google Analytics

KPU uses Google Analytics to perform web analytics on our website. KPU implemented the Demographics and Interest Reporting feature in Google Analytics in September 2014 in order to collect data about our traffic for the sole purpose of gaining a better understanding of the requirements of our website visitors. This information is valuable in that it helps us to make continuous improvements to the KPU website and improve the overall user experience.

Along with the data collected by our standard Google Analytics implementation, we also collect data via anonymous identifiers. An anonymous identifier is a random string of characters sent to your computer when you visit a website. This identifier allows the website to recognize your web browser. Anonymous identifiers are used for the same purpose as cookies, and can be used as an alternative when cookie technology is unavailable.

All data collected by Google Analytics remains anonymous and non-personally identifiable. KPU will never merge this data with personal information, nor use the data for any purpose other than to analyze usage of the KPU website.

KPU reserves the right to grant access to our Google Analytics implementation to our contracted third-party consultants for the purpose of streamlining our web analytics processes.

You may opt out of Google Analytics data collection at any time by using one of the available opt-outs for the web.