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IDEA Courses

IDEA Courses help develop competencies in many vital areas: Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Innovation, Communication, Intercultural Awareness, Social and Environmental Justice, Informational and Interdisciplinary Literacy, Collaboration and Teamwork, Civic, Ethical and Professional Responsibility.

IDEA Course Descriptions

IDEA 1100: Interdisciplinary Foundations

What's the point of university? Why are you here? What do you aspire to truly learn? What are your values and how do you wish to contribute to community and society? This course explores these questions through the lens of interdisciplinary inquiry and creativity, helping further academic, personal, and professional development. This student-centred course energizes a diverse number of expressive approaches to help learners ask — and answer, in their own ways — questions about purpose, meaning, and direction. University is meant to support transformative learning, and this course seeks to bring inspiration and empowerment, clarity and creativity to this vital task.

IDEA 1400: Explorations in Expressive Arts through Drama and Theatre

Learners will explore and develop their creative imaginations through an expressive arts approach to drama, theatre, and community-oriented performances. They will engage with and contribute to an expressive arts community through the creation of interdisciplinary imaginative projects. Learners will have opportunities to achieve personal growth and to develop critical and empathic sensibilities through mentorship activities. They will participate in expressive arts presentations in a variety of venues.

IDEA 2100: Creativity, Ecology, and Nature Experience

Students will learn about the interconnected themes of creativity, ecology, sustainability, nature experience, and personal and academic development. They will contextualize their creative and academic inquiries by way of experiences in nature and will broaden their understanding of the relationship between humanity and the natural world. More-than-human knowledges, cultures and communities are a profound source of learning and wisdom. This course aims to deepen connection to and learning from the Earth, while cultivating diverse cultural, socio-political, and scientific explorations of sustainability.

IDEA 3200: Theatre for Social Change

In this class, learners improvise, create and perform live drama based on their own experiences and the issues they encounter in the world around them. Learners will analyze psycho-social forces which they feel require change, and experiment with how to creatively resist and transform such forces. Learners will study the history of political theatre and learn how practitioners from diverse cultural contexts have used theatre to respond to social issues. Drawing on a range of performance practices, members of this improvisational performing arts community mentor one another and learn to construct their own dramatic plots, characters and scenes, eventually presenting an interactive performance to an audience. This collaborative creative process facilitates personal growth, risk-taking and empathy, while building a critical and political consciousness.

IDEA 3301: Myth, Culture, and Creativity

Mythological Narratives is a course that explores the fundamental role of storytelling in human culture. Whether those stories derive from popular culture, literature, family, spirituality, art, business, science, or any of the myriad ways we communicate with one another, stories are always at the core of who we are. Stories define us, they challenge us to move forward. Examining our own stories — where they come from, what they mean, what they demand of us —is a path of deep meaning and fulfillment. This course helps us find that path and follow it.

IDEA 3302: Creativity and Leadership in Groups

Students will experience, learn to facilitate, and lead the interpersonal and creative process within a group context. They will participate in and examine creative modalities, self-awareness practices, and group dynamics. They will apply facilitation and leadership strategies for promoting creativity, community, and personal development.

IDEA 3100: Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts 1 (The Creativity Course)

This course includes a diverse number of current interdisciplinary approaches within the expressive arts: creative writing, music, movement, visual arts, theatre, storytelling, mythopoetics, photography, etc. In this course learners apply many creative practices and discover — or rediscover — the foundational role of purposeful play and creativity in the human experience.

IDEA 4100: Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts 2 (The Creativity Course)

IDEA 4100 is a continuation of IDEA 3100, in which we engage interdisciplinarity and creativity to explore our deepest learning with regard to all areas of life. There is a strong focus on exploring, examining and furthering the most relevant and transformative personal, professional and academic directions and pathways. Career-focused mentorship and portfolio-based learning are an integral aspect of the course.