IPM Monthly Reporting Form

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Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the International Peer Mentor Program. 

Your contributions are greatly valued and appreciated!


International Peer Mentors must use this form to provide monthly updates about their activities in the program as designated in the program outline.

Important! Please submit this form by the deadline mentioned below. 

Be sure to save your answers in a separate Word document if the site glitches, as you could lose all the work you completed.

Report #1: April 15 - May 31 | Deadline: Monday, June 3, 2024

Report #2: June 1 - June 29 | Deadline: Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Report #3: June 30 - August 3 | Deadline: Tuesday, August 6, 2024

Late submissions may impact your performance assessment, unless a valid reason was provided before the deadline. If you submit your report after the deadline, please provide a valued reason in a message to your supervisor.

Please select the appropriate reporting period.
Check-In Emails
How many Check-In Emails did you send in this reporting period? 
What are some key successes/takeaways/results/feedback from your check-in emails?
Virtual Drop-Ins
How many virtual drop-in sessions did you host?
Briefly summarize the main focus or agenda of these sessions.
Reflect on the level of engagement from mentees and any feedback received. What topics caught their attention and got the most responses? What topics were less engaged with? What was the feedback from mentees for the sessions?
Mentee Communication
Share the most common questions or concerns raised by mentees. 
Did you complete any in-person drop-ins? 
How did the interaction go?
Social Group Planning
Volunteer Hours
How many KPU International events or initiatives did you volunteer for? 
What event(s) did you volunteer for, and what were your tasks?
Were there any notable achievements or challenges in your event volunteer experience? Do you have any other feedback about your volunteer experience?
Personal Growth and Reflection
Reflect on your overall performance during the reporting period. Identify 1 significant achievement and 1 area for improvement.
What steps will you take to address this area for improvement?
Please mention the training topics.