KPU’s groundbreaking course on higher education goes digital

KPU's groundbreaking course on higher education goes digital
Jia Hui Dong, Student Assistant, Department of Educational Studies and Counselling

the new online

With many KPU students managing busy schedules of classes, jobs and community service, alternate methods of educational delivery have become increasingly important - and Educational Studies is leading the way with an innovative new online version of its popular EDUC 1100: Introduction to Higher Education. With just a click of a mouse, students will have full access to the course's many new and cutting edge features - such as captivating lessons filmed and animated at KPU. “What distinguishes “EDUC 1100 classes is that they combine academic skill development with meaningful discussion of the purpose and value of university experiences", says Dr. David Burns - instructor of EDUC 1100 online, “what this new online class does is take this fundamental discussion to more people, and in some new and interesting ways.”

A common misconception students often have about online courses is a perceived lack of interaction made between students and instructors. Dr. Burns hopes to reverse this trend. Using high definition cameras and a suite of animation and narration platforms, he has prepared enough class material online to radically expand his office hours and student contact time. Some of those office hours will be offered via Twitter and other social media. The core value of the course, Burns offers, “is to use the technology to make the course more personal. I want to see more of my students, and hear more from them.”

EDUC 1100 online has begun the semester with a full 140 student cohort, and another set of offerings are currently planned for January. See for more details, or contact