KPU Brew Lab List of Analysis Services


Comprehensive Analysis AE, RE, Alcohol, Colour, pH, Foam, COE, CO2, Bitterness $160 4
Partial Analysis AE, RE, Alcohol, Colour, pH, COE $60 2
Partial Analysis 
(5 or more samples)
AE, RE, Alcohol, Colour, pH, COE $40/sample 2/sample
Individual Analysis CO2 $20 2
  Foam $30 2
  Bitterness (IBU) $35 2
Microbiological Analysis WLN, WLD, LWYM, HLP, SDA, LYS, includes gram stain and identification of contaminants $175 2

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Analysis Descriptions

AE — Apparent Extract
The measurement of extract expressed in °P. The apparent extract does not take into account the effect of the presence of alcohol in finished beer.

CO2 — Carbon Dioxide

COE — Calculated Original Extract
The amount of extract in the wort from which the beer was fermented. It is calculated from the alcohol content and the apparent extract in beer, and is based on the fact that theoretically 2.0665g of extract produces 1.0 of alcohol.

pH — Acidity/Alkalinity
Measures the acidity/alkalinity so levels can be adjusted to the desired taste outcome.   

RE — Real Extract
The actual amount of extract that remains in beer after fermentation. This measure of extract accounts for the alcohol content. The real extract is dependent on original gravity and the amount of original extract converted to alcohol and carbon dioxide (attenuation of the yeast).


HLP — Hsu’s Lactobacillus-Pediococcus
HLP is used to check for the presence of Gram-positive lactic acid bacteria, Lactobaccillus and Pediococcus. These bacteria are anaerobic, heat-resistant, as well as alcohol- and pH-tolerant making them common beer spoilers.

LWYM — Lin’s Wild Yeast Medium
LWYM is used for detecting Saccharomyces-type wild yeast. Formulated with crystal violet to inhibit growth of brewery culture yeast while permitting growth of variety of wild yeast.

LYS — Lysine
LYS (Lysine medium) is used for detecting non-Saccharomyces-type wild yeast. With lysine as the sole nitrogen source, this media only allows growth of yeast that can metabolize lysine (mostly the non-Saccharomyces-type).

SDA — Schwarz Differential Agar
Detects presence of common aerobic bacteria (in the presence of oxygen) and/or anaerobic bacteria (without the presence of oxygen) found in beer.

WLD — Wallerstein Differential plates with cycloheximide
Wallerstein media with the addition of cycloheximide to suppress the growth of brewer’s yeast, isolating the bacteria and wild yeast species. In addition WL media allows for the easy detection of acid-secreting bacteria, such as lactic acid bacteria, via its pH indicator component.

WLN — Wallerstein Nutrient without cycloheximide
For the cultivation of yeast, moulds and bacteria. WLN is a general media that will allow everything to grow, including brewer’s yeast. Different yeast take up the pH indicator dye differently, allowing differentiation between brewing strains.