KPU Horticulture Produce and Bedding Plant Sales

Tuesday, May 19, 9:00am update: Online sales are now available!


Customers can go to the KPU Bookstore website where a listing of products will be available to order and pay for. Pick up will be Thursdays between 10am-1pm at the Hortiiculture field lab (20902 Langley Bypass-see map below). Orders must be placed before Wednesday at noon for pick up on Thursdays.


All picking containers and carts are washed with soap and water and disinfected with Virkon before each use. Virkon is a disinfectant and detergent that attacks a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is an environmentally safe product that can be used in greenhouses for the disinfection of hard surfaces and equipment. Active Ingredient: potassium monopersulfate 21.4%



For harvesting of the veggies, gloves are worn, product is placed in cleaned sterilized containers, and packaged in appropriate bags for sale. Order is then bagged into a shopping bag and placed in a basket labelled with order # and put on a cart ready for pickup.



Customer Pick up

Pick up will be on a Thursdays between 10am-1pm at 20902 Langley Bypass, in front of the Header House, on the north side of the campus (see map below, pick up area in yellow). Only one customer picking up items at a time.

Plant material will be available to order until end of May or until sold out. All veggie orders will be available until end of September. 


The products will be on the cart and we'll have the customers remove them from the cart into their cars. Once products are removed, we will immediately spray carts with virkon to disinfect.

pick up


Accidents or incorrect orders are bound to happen. If we find ourselves with a customer who received the wrong order, under no circumstances will a return be put back in to inventory, we will simply arrange for a new order to be picked up.