The Final Stretch: Finishing Strong

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Well done! Welcome to the final exam period. In these two weeks, you will be reviewing and preparing for your final exams. Because this might be a slightly stressful period, make sure to manage your time well. Find a place where you can focus and feel comfortable studying; this could be the KPU library, a nearby coffee shop, your bedroom...etc. Also, make sure to note your exam time, date, and location. Often, your exam time will be different than your regular class start time, so be sure to prepare for this change ahead of time. Additionally, bring all the necessary supplies that you will need for writing your exam, such as extra pens, pencils, eraser, calculator, and perhaps even a bottle of water.

Relax, focus, and enjoy the final moments of your semester! 

For this week, focus on:

  • Studying and preparing for your exam
  • Managing your time and stress
  • Noting your exam start time, date, and room number

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