Week 5: I think I'm starting to get it

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Wow, week 5 already?!

Welcome to week 5 of your first semester. Let’s remember what we have done so far:

  • Explored the basic KPU resources (Example: your student email, activated your tutoring account)
  • Learned some essential learning strategies
  • Gained some effective study tips (example: how to make effective flash cards)
  • Settled into the post-secondary culture
  • Completed lectures and became familiar with instructors and classmates
  • Developed some academic writing skills     

                                    & MORE!

Now, you have completed a typical learning cycle: learned the material -> completed an assignment/exam -> received feedback/marks. The rest of the semester will look similar, in that you will repeat this learning cycle a few more times in each course. Remember to reflect on what you did right and what you need to work on after each learning cycle. Remember to plan ahead, review course material weekly to avoid cramming right before an exam, and to check your understanding of assignment instructions and key course concepts.

For this week, focus on:

  1. Staying motivated
  2. Reviewing course material weekly
  3. Improving your performance on exams/assignments

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Evaluate your learning for improvement  Use Mahara to create an E-portfolio  Structuring your essay using the hourglass method  Restructuring your sentences

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